Objectives of the Program


1.To provide an environment where your child can relax and feel secure and happy.

2.To develop the desire to work and play together.

3.To provide an atmosphere of love and caring with a staff of qualified and dedicated teachers and aids.

4.To expand each child’s particular interests and to strive to develop new ones.


Your child needs to arrive to school by 8:30 a.m each morning. All children need to be picked up by 11:15. If for some reason you are delayed, please call the office (472-0883) so we can reassure your child.

Early-Morning arrivals…. there will be someone to receive children at 7:30 a.m each morning.This will help working parents to be able to get to work on time.The cost for this service is $1.00 each morning.


If your regular plans change with regard to picking up your child, please tell us and the child if possible.We need to know the person’s name picking up if you are unable to do so. Also, if you are going to be late picking up, please notify the school. Charges will be added for children who are picked up late.


No refunds of tuition will be made for absences, holidays, or illness. Tuition is due the first week of each month. Should a student’s tuition be more than one month past due, that student will be dismissed from the school, unless a special situation has been approved by the director.


Dress your child in play clothes; things that are comfortable and easy to handle in the bathroom. We do assist the children when they need help. Please watch the weather and your child accordingly. We play outside when the weather permits. Please, no slip-on shoes. The children’s feet come out of them easily.


Each child needs to bring some sort of bag, tote, to school each day. This will prevent them from losing their “good work” for the day; also they bring home important notes for the parents.

Please check your child’s papers daily for important notes. This keeps you informed as to what’s going on at school. Also, you will want to keep up with the progress of your child.


Each year we have a professional photographer come and take pictures of the children. Please so not feel that you have to buy the pictures. The service is for you and soes not benefit us. The photographer is scheduled to come in the Fall for individual pictures and in the Spring for group class pictures.


Birthdays are very important to children, and we do celebrate them here at S.C.A. If you wish you may bring a special treat for your child on his/her birthday. Check for the number of children in the class. You may also send a small favor for the children to take home if you wish. You might want to send a birthday napkin or cup. If you wish to treat your child’s class on his/her birthday, please let us know in advance so we don’t have more than one birthday party on the same day.


We have parties at school for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and an Easter Egg Hunt. Every mother (or Dad) is asked to help in some way with a party during the year. If you have a particular party you wish to help with, please let us know.  Please no cupcakes…Thanks

SEMO Christian Preschool is a non-profit private school and receives no federal, state or church funding. We operate on tuition, fund raisers and donations only.

We look forward to working with you and your child at S.C.A Preschool this year. Please so not hesitate to let us know if we can be of help to you or your child at any time. Thank you again for choosing S.C.A.!